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Playing with toy weapons: inevitable or preventable?

Is it possible to prevent weapons — real or fake — from becoming part of your child’s play and reality?

How to concoct sweet alternatives to sugar-loaded juice

Is your kid obsessed with juice? (But seriously, who isnt?) Lucky you, as Addie has a healthy and fun alternative for you to try.

Using myth to teach your toddler about life

One of my greatest joys as a mother to a toddler has been translating the world to my son, one little story at a time. At his age, 2, concerns over sleep patterns and eating habits have taken a backseat to his emotional and cognitive development. His reasoning is budding but still rudimentary, which leaves me, his guide, a liberty I haven’t known since my own childhood — to interpret the environment.

Can your toddler out-smart you?

If you’re reading this, you may already suspect that the answer to the question is YES. How does your toddler out-smart you?

Adorable (and smart!) clothes for you and the baby from Eat Your Vocabulary

Some of you may remember Joriel — she wrote a tutorial for us about how to do baby shower onesies that, well, don’t suck. And now she’s opened an Etsy shop full of her unique take on smartypants clothes for mamas and their babies.

Surviving a family photo session with your happiness intact

A family portrait session can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips and tricks from photographers and parents.

The ups (and downs) of toddler-hood

Got a crazy, attention-demanding, kisses-giving, totally lovable toddler in your life? You’ll dig this.

Proactive communication: a toddler who doesn’t say “no.”

Addie’s 18 month old son, Conan, doesn’t say “no.” Like, ever. THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, people. Or parenting.