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Cover Blubber is going to kill your plastic wrap and save your food

Have you guys seen Cover Blubber yet? It’s this awesome reusable super-stretchy rubber wrapping material, intended to cover food and keep it fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer. In short: It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

Where to store your always-in-use items in the rare moments they’re not in use

I have a few things that always seem to be in use, like my laptop, mobile phone, and a jug I use all the time. The sensible-to-me place for these things is wherever I am right now. Which is fine, except when people come over I don’t have anywhere to put them. What solutions do my Homies use to store these things that are “always” in use, without giving up valuable space for the odd times these things need put away?

Cosplay storage solutions… from IKEA?

This past year I’ve started to dabble in cosplay. Even though I just have four costumes, I’m ALREADY feeling the storage pinch. That’s why this “IKEA bedroom stories” video, featuring a super-awesome cosplayer, made my day. Watch this and then let’s talk…

DIY this grassy make-up wall storage

I’ve been searching the web for a cute wall-mounted makeup storage unit, but could not find anything. So, I just made one! Here’s how…

Why I fucking love my Caboodle from 1988

A couple years ago, my father gave me a trunk that had been gathering dust in his storage shed.

“I think this is yours,” he said. I wasn’t sure, but I took it because I’m a pack rat and even if it wasn’t mine, doubtless there was something interesting inside.

And there was! Under my entire childhood collection of ElfQuest comics (!!!), I found a relic of my high school theater days — a vintage CABOODLES makeup case. It still had two yellow post-its taped onto the top that said “ARIEL’S MAKE-UP” and “RUM-TUM-TUGGER IN CATS,” relics from the last high school play I was in.

Real life Tetris skills: How to have lots of things in a small space and still live comfortably

My fiancé’s father passed away in Feb 2012. His mother had passed in 2006. His step mother took what she wanted from the house after Dad died, and then moved away. We were left with a 12 room house FULL of stuff. Almost a year later, the house is empty and we finally have full use of our apartment again. Here are some tips that I learned while trying to put my things, my fiancé’s things, and the things we salvaged from his parent’s home into our small urban apartment.

Create a rustic shelf on the cheap and easy

A little while ago I introduced you to some awesome rustic-style shelving units. One smarty-pants Offbeat Homie Meg mentioned that she turned a shower caddy into the much cheaper version of ModCloth’s vintage-inspired shelf. Here’s how…

What do you do with all your reusable shopping bags?

I love my reusable shopping bags, and I even have some from travels around the world. But! What do I do with this mass of bags? Any cool ideas for organizing re-usable shopping bags? Have you figured out a way to keep them neat?