6 of our favorite organization tools you can buy online

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Lotus Trolley Bags
Make organizing and transporting groceries a breeze

There are loads of new organizational problems we didn’t have before. Have you ever tried bagging your groceries in an organized way at the self-checkout? who knew that would become an issue? These trolley bags let you keep your frozen stuff away from your clothes on your Target run.

We rounded up a few of our favorite new ways to organize all our stuff, and it can all be purchased online. From headphone hangers (get them off the floor!) to tiny space savers all around your house, these organizational wonders get the job done.

Elevation Lab The Anchor, Under – Desk Headphone Stand Mount
Where once your headphones laid around anywhere, now they can stay in put until you need them
Battery Organizer Storage Case
Keeps you from having to store a bunch of various batteries in a big baggie
Cheliz Purse Hook
Uses gravity to keep your bag off of the floor
30-Hook Tie and Belt Organizer
Slide Out Storage Tower
For those tiny areas of wasted space

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