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Blackmetal gardening, lit up courtyards, Star Wars cookies

This Monday’s Montage features a photo of the uber-rare Blackmetal Gardener, grazing hillside goats, and a link to a Star Wars cookie cutter. We also beg the question: Why the hell doesn’t someone design a better shower control?

Child’s Play lets you donate video games and films to kids

Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 60 hospitals worldwide.

Having THE TALK: When will you introduce your kids to Star Wars?

You know THE TALK is coming someday, and here’s a handy-dandy “Talking to your kids about Star Wars” video to help you out.

Graphic novels about religion and spirituality for kids

Graphic novels provide an offbeat way for parents to talk about various religions or spiritual beliefs with their kids.

James Hance: “relentlessly cheerful art” that kids and parents can get into

James Hance makes art that’s awesome, happy, and all about Star Wars, Muppets, and old cartoons.

Halloween costumes for kidlets and big kids

This post features offbeat affiliates, meaning that if you buy something featured (or click on a link here and buy something else that isn’t featured!), you’ll help support Offbeat Mama’s mission of bringing lifetime awesomeness to mamas, papas, and everyone else. For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and probably […]

Children’s cosplaying done right

Star Wars + kids = the best Offbeat Mama fodder EVER, courtesy of The Daily What.

A Star Wars and planet Earth-loving dad

Sean loves our son, the environment, and seeks The Force in everything that he does.