Children’s cosplaying done right

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Ariel sent me this link to The Daily What last night, and I promptly replied “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND going on OBM tomorrow.”

You guys, I never lie to you.

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  1. my younger stepdaughter has cosplayed as Cardcaptor Sakura a few times at cons, and I still get people who come up to me and tell me how cute they think she is in the outfit

  2. My kiddos did up the cast of Inyuasha last year for Halloween. They didn’t know if anyone would “get it”, but they got a few shout outs from fellow trick-or-treaters, so they were pumped. We always do a theme for the four of them. We’ve done Blue and Steve, Beauty and the Beast, then along came the two littles…classic (witch, ghost, and a pair of pumpkins), Wizard of Oz, Knights and Princesses, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates, D+D characters, and Inyuasha. This year it’s the undead. I’m going to be a wreck if they ever don’t want to dress up anymore!

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