A Star Wars and planet Earth-loving dad

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My husband is awesome.

He has always been awesome, probably way before I ever even knew him. I theorize that he was awesome in the womb, and continued to be throughout the years that we didn’t know one another. However, once we met, his awesomeness and my awesomeness combined into a SUPER AWESOME FUSION of love. So then we decided to amp it up a notch and create a supernova baby. Kind of like the most rockin cherry on top ever.

Sean is back in school for a second degree and it’s going to be mega hard, but also, ultimately, rewarding. Plus, it’s in a nerdy environmentally-conscious field, which is all kinds of sexy. ON top of this, he has a job, does almost all of our cooking (he even BATCH COOKS), most of the cleaning (the plus side to marrying someone who is super anal is that he insists on cleaning most of the apartment), and loves us both all day, all night.

Plus, on his Google profile, you know what the one thing he said he can’t find on Google? The Force.


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  1. It should be noted that I made Stephanie draft this post after seeing the first picture on Facebook. I was like, “If THAT’S not DILF material, I don’t know what is!”

    And then I was like “Make the bike picture bigger so we can see the muscle definition.”

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