Having THE TALK: When will you introduce your kids to Star Wars?

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The Force is definitely strong with this one. Photo by White Rabbit Studios.

Oh MAN, here we go with another Star Wars reference (anyone keeping a tally?): “Talking to your kids about Star Wars” is a parenting video I can get behind!

Many, many thanks to Kristin for sending this one in! My only complaint? Who says DADS are the only ones who can talk about Star Wars!? We all know girls can love Star Wars too! (end rant)

Other Star Wars video faves:

Comments on Having THE TALK: When will you introduce your kids to Star Wars?

  1. LOVE this!!

    My three year old son and I have already started watching Star Wars clips on YouTube — he’s hooked. He now spends most of his day pretending to be different Star Wars characters and talking to Yoda. 🙂

  2. Our eldest knew more about Star Wars than we did by age four. We watched his first Star Wars movie together, when he was three and he was absolutely hooked. He’s not so fond of ‘the one with all the pashing’ in it though. haha

  3. OMG! This is by far my favorite video EVER!
    I was thinking about this the other day which makes it that much better. There was a Star Wars marathon on this weekend and I couldn’t help but think “When will show my little guy Star Wars?”.

  4. Fact: “Star Wars According to a 3-Year Old” may have influenced my husband and I to start trying for a kid when we first saw it a few years ago.

    I am now 5 1/2 months preggo.

  5. I just told my husband this past weekend that is was time our three year old daughter saw Star Wars. It is scheduled for Christmas break because I have to be there.

  6. Star Wars was the first movie my son watched (ok, he napped or nursed while we watched it). It’s the go-to movie when we need something to entertain him for a few minutes.

  7. My best friend’s husband introduced their son to…Episode I-III first. She was furious that his “Star Wars experience” was forever ruined (because of *course* one starts with Episode IV!). 😉

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