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For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and probably one of my top 10 days of the year. I look forward to this day with such a pretty intense fervor, and this year, I’ve been looking over Halloween costumes for kids. While rifling through the various options, I stumbled into a veritable goldmine of holiday goodness, and had to share!

Wednesday Aadams: Holy shit, I just about died when I saw this costume. I was so happy about it that I am seriously reconsidering my current Halloween costume plans so I can be Wednesday. I’m sure they make it for adults (ta-da: they do!), but if I had a daughter, she would definitely be dressing up as Wednesday for Halloween.

V: Got a pre-teen who would love nothing more than to wreak havoc and incite mayhem? (Um, what?) This is THE costume! All you need is a kickass wig & cloak, and you’re set.

Hermione Granger: She’s smart, she’s badass, and she’s way more awesome than the boys of the books. Bonus: you can get the Hermione wig here. Also try: a kid’s Dementor costume, and, of course, the standard Harry Potter dress-up accessories.

Skeleton: Perfect for the kid who just really likes to creep people out. It’s obviously quite gender neutral, but does involve a mask, which will probably freak out the younger set. See also: a skeleton NINJA costume!

Princess Leia: Do I even need to explain why she’s here? You guys more than know about my Star Wars nerdiness. See also: a kickass Plo Koon costume, your standard Jedi gear, and a Jedi robe that I would purchase and just wear around the house.

Scooby Doo: This costume is gender-neutral and impossibly awesome. I love some Scooby.

Dora the Explorer: I have a newfound soft spot for Dora since Jasper has started stroking her face tenderly every time he sees a doll or movie in a store. I feel compelled to point out that he’s never even seen an episode, so I think it’s love at first sight. Anyway, this costume is cuuuuuuuuuute!

Comments on Halloween costumes for kidlets and big kids

  1. I also think there’s something to be said for homemade costumes… of course, in our family, that meant taping garbage together. No, quite literally. My brother once went as a two headed monster by putting a paper sack over his head and taping another paper sack to his shoulder with faces drawn on.

    Maybe some crafty mama could come up with some DIY submissions?? 🙂 That would be awesome!

  2. so glad to see some more modest costumes! my daughter is being a skeleton with a tutu for halloween this year and its adorable. But when my younger sister showed me her newly purchased witch costume i just about passed out….

  3. I wish I had pictures! I dressed as Wednesday Addams one year for Halloween cause my babysitter used to always call me Wednesday for wearing pigtails like that. :p

    It was an epic awesome costume. To give myself pale skin we put baby powder on me. XD

  4. There were only 2 years I didn’t make my oldest daughters costume. I’ve made: spiderweb costume, Tinkerbell, Peacock, Cat, and last year she was a jellyfish. This year our little one is going to be a sock monkey and Addie still hasn’t figured out what she wants to be.

  5. This year we are taking our little one to the Rally to Restore Sanity. She wants to be a ballerina, so I will be making the DIY project shared this week on offbeat mama.

  6. My family is going for a Toho theme. My daughter is dressing as Godzilla in a modified store dragon costume, and I am wearing a no sew/ low fuss homemade Mothra costume.

  7. When I was about 14 my family dressed up as the Addams Family, I was Wednesday and I LOVED it. Of course, my sister did refuse to be the little boy, so she was a hobgoblin of sorts who was ‘our pet’. My parents looked great as Gomez and Morticia.

  8. My family went as the Addams family too! I was wednesday. My sister was the brother (pugsley?) and my little brother (2 years old at the time) went as Cousin It. My mom made a head to toe furry suit. It was so perfect as Cousin It. My dad went as gomez and my mom was the mother(i’ve forgetten her name). We were perfect and won best costume!

  9. My girl always asks for costumes you can’t buy in the store and they always seem to be really elaborate, but we pull it off. Last year, she was Coraline, which wasn’t too difficult–pj’s, police hat, vest and stuffed cat. We sprayed her hair blue, drew on freckles and she collected her candy in a messenger bag. This year she wants to be Thorn, a character from the comic series “Bone.” It’s so obscure, no one will know who she’s supposed to be, but it’s an easy costume–leggings, cape, boots and sword.

    Last year, my sis and I went as the aunts from Pushing Daisies, Lily and Vivian, the Darling Mermaid Darlings. 🙂

  10. For those seeking unique costumes you don’t have to make, check out cosplay sites. They’ve got your favorite cartoon characters.
    We are going semi-homemade this year. My son is Goku, which started from an adult’s white sweatsuit. The girl is Hello Kitty, which includes a Halloween-themed dress with HK applique courtesy of etsy and homemade kitty ears and bow.

  11. This is my last year of trick or treating, and i am going coraline!!! I was planning as going as the punk-rock bride, but realized that i would be cold. And also, as i’m doing some long trick or treating, I need something insanely comfortable. Rainboots, jeans,a raincoat, and blue hair, and a dragonfly hairclip will fit the bill. I wanted to dye my hair blue, but as it’s presently not faded pink enough, i’ll just do temporary color. I’m worried it might turn purple. 🙂

  12. My son went as Sherlock Holmes this year. It was a really easy costume to put together. He has a tan coat with lots of pockets, so we pinned all of the dectective things to it. We found him a newsboy kind of hat at thrift store. He looked really cool.

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