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A Star Wars-themed bunk bed? I’m not sure life gets any better.

OH. MY. GOD. I’m not sure why the universe is sending us so many Star Wars and baby related rooms and announcements , but wow. THANK YOU, universe. Lindsey sent me a link to this ATAT bed last night, most likely because she is well aware of the ridiculous degree to which Sean and I […]

Andrew, the Sci Fi DILF

You met Andrew in Alissa’s post about “Who’s watching the baby?” But today you get to know Andrew in a whole different, DILFier way.

Darth Aesop’s party on the Death Star

My son Aesop decided, a year ago, that for his fifth birthday he would have a Star wars party.

These are not the fingerpuppets you’re looking for

How awesome are these Star Wars finger puppets? SUPER WAY AWESOME, that is how much.  I know a bunch of kids (and, um, adults really big kids) who would love these. And can you imagine the possibilities one could dream up? Chewbacca could come with your kids to the Doctor’s office. Yoda could advise the […]

Unique bunk bed designs + other baby and kid rooms worthy of swooning

Ariel’s post last week about turning her closet into a nursery got me thinking…How else can you creatively use the space you have when you have kids?

My husband and I currently live in a small 3 bedroom house, and we hope to have at least three children. Who we’ll have to cram into one room. The solution for us is going to lie in the liberal use of bunk beds and, as it turns out, that means way more fun anyway! Check out these cool (and totally copy-able, if you’ve got skills like that) bunk bed designs