Let’s talk about these cool rustic shelving units!

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Finders Keepsakes Shelf

Check out this rustic-chic, antique-inspired shelf. Yes, it’s $65, but it’s an awesome shelving unit that features four metal drawers with label slots, as well as an adorable tiny chalkboard!

You could mount this classic shelf on the wall of your pantry, rest it atop your desk, or plant it beside the window to act as the perfect storage solution/funky display case.

I’d love to hang this right next to my front door — maybe attach some hooks to the bottom of it — and make this my entryway catch-all. Keys, to-do lists, leashes, dog bags, loose change, etc., could ALL be contained within this baby. Ooh, that guy I married and I could even use that mini chalk board to write little notes for each other!

Check out how other people have used this awesome shelving unit, then let’s look at some more rustic shelving options…

Makeup holder and succulent planters, oh my!
Makeup holder and succulent planters, oh my!

Shelf Improvement Wall RackThis vintage-inspired shelf is perfect for your tiny, rustic kitchen.

Shelf ExpressionFor the artists in the house, the “Shelf Expression” unit is the jam! As the description says, “Whether this pretty piece of decor holds your paints, brushes, or sculpting tools, it’s sure to keep your creativity flowing in delightful, homespun style!” And it’s only $29.

Make Your Case ShelfGetting into pricier-but-quirkier rustic shelving territory is this Make Your Case shelf is $99. But it’s so awesome! It’s a well-weathered metal case with a functioning open-and-close feature that lets you store shit inside and on top! AND it looks like a freaking vintage suitcase!

61+b19+Mm+L._SL1000_The IMAX Harmon Wall Shelf was inspired by the schoolhouses of yore. And it’d look awesome in your rustic-chic house of today!

Try Every Dangle RackOkay, so it’s basically a wooden block with turquoise edges and a bungee cord. Which is kind of genius, since you can dangle sunglasses, magazines, or earrings, or… what else? Get all those objects up and off the counter! But, is it worth $50? I say, make it yourself!

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  1. Wow, hey, so I have a super-cheap method of sort-of emulating the adorable vintage shelf from ModCloth. About a year ago I bought a cheap over-the-shower-head shelf thing from a discount store (I think Ross or TJ Maxx) and hung it on my bathroom wall. It holds my perfume, hair products, contact solution, etc., and has little hooks on the bottom that were supposed to be for loofahs but which I use for a hand towel and my necklaces. Total cost, probably $7 for the shelf thing and pocket change for the hooks I used to attach it to the wall.

  2. I really really want that first shelf, the one with the little drawers and the chalkboard. Pretty much if you make something out of grungy wood and add galvanized metal to it, I have to have it these days.

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