Monday Moment: An ever-changing artistic display (with sexy imagary bonus)

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Longtime Homie Vacantmuse sent her sexy, artsy, shelf moment our way…

We’ve recently found ourselves, for the first time, with space on a bookshelf. I attend Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School pretty religiously, so I thought I would take the space to display some of the sketches I’ve done over the past couple of years.

I plan to rotate them whenever I get bored, at least until we need the shelf!

Anyone else have a revolving moment in their home? If so, whatchu got? How do you make it easy to mix up looks without re-decorating your spaces?

Comments on Monday Moment: An ever-changing artistic display (with sexy imagary bonus)

  1. I personally love the tip I saw on a home decor blog, she kept a cabinet just for decor pieces that she didn’t have on display at the moment. She could rotate things, and if something stayed in the cabinet for too long, she knew it was time to donate, sell, etc. So it’s a dual purpose, it helps minimize clutter and gives you freedom to put out different things without taking up too much space.

  2. We have this awesome book–a history of art with huge full page illustrations–open on a dictionary stand, and every day we turn a page–two new pieces of art on display!

  3. I’m a foodie/cooking hobbiest, so I always leave one of my prettiest cookbooks open to a great picture and/or inspiring recipe on my awesome red cook-book holder.

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