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How to survive as a substitute teacher

Teaching is in no means an easy profession, and supply teaching adds extra stresses and challenges. You are doing an important job, and need to take care of yourself in order to be successful at it. I’m now in the thick of my third year, and thought I would share a few tips and tricks to those just starting their education careers, or those considering this vocational path…

Why I send my kid outside to a kindergarten in the forest

It’s winter in Georgia. The children waddle into the woods in layers of warm and waterproof clothes, awkward and round. The teachers’ hats are pulled down over their ears and when they stomp their feet and clap their hands along with the songs and poems at morning circle time, they do so with extra motivation.

This is the hardest time of year to send our children outside to kindergarten for the day, and the most important…

We are the future: Our post-millenial, Pagan, LGBT, polyamorous family

This is what our healthy family looks like, our core family that is. It Extends, because that little boy there holding a mask over his head has never ever known what the rest of the country lives like. Add to that most of us are gay, bi, or polyamorous. This means, when one of us has a child we have to definitely “redefine family.”

Modern nomadic family “world schooling” their way through Turkey

We’ve been wedding photographers for almost six years. In January we decided we need to change our lives… drastically. So we sold everything we own, moved out of house, my photography studio, Leah’s meditation center, and pulled Jonah out of preschool.

10 gift ideas the teachers in your life REALLY want

This year, whether it be a holiday, birthday, or end of the year “thanks for dealing with my kid for nine months,” get Teacher something they will cherish for always instead! I present to you, the top ten gift ideas for the teacher in your life…

How planning Wonder Woman’s funeral made me plan my own as a gift to my family

As I weighed various personal, cultural, and religious reasons for cremation versus embalming Wonder Woman, it suddenly occurred to me that “don’t spend a lot of money” — my only stipulation for my own funeral and body disposition — was impractical and potentially problematic. No matter how well my family knew me they would still be left guessing about the specifics.

Purple paper, pens, and painkillers: inside a grad student’s bag

Have you ever played that game where you guess what’s in strangers’ bags while you’re commuting?

Nested cards: Extreme(ly organized) letter writing for your loved ones

The first year that each of my sisters were at university, I sent them a letter every single week, without using the post office. I got the idea from my mother. When I was small she didn’t go away often, but when she did she would leave a trail of notes that Dad would help us follow every day. As my sister started preparing for university I started wondering how this idea could translate to someone who was themselves going away. I finally hit on the idea of nested envelopes.