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Six principles of dorm room life anyone can learn from

Dorm rooms are many people’s first home of their own. I remember almost a decade ago, arriving at college, climbing four flights of stairs and meeting my first roommate ever. Shayna and I got along splendidly, and worked hard to make our dorm our own. We learned so much, and even though I’m now living in a house, I can still use what I learned in Helser Hall.

Trusting my child to choose his own adventure: democratic unschooling in action

I’ve been answering the question, “What grade is your son in?” for nine years, and even now I’m never quite sure what will come out of my mouth. My son has been attending The Clearwater School since age four. Clearwater is a Sudbury school, a democratic school based on freedom, trust, and responsibility. Kids have as much of a say in running the school as adults.

How do I get my new college roommate in the loop about my anxiety and depression?

Juliana is returning to school time away to tend to problematic anxiety. What does she need to tell her new roommate?

Nontraditional school portraits from Stomping Ground Photo

First, let me say this: I think “reinventing the school picture” is a bit of an understatement, because this Brooklyn-based photography team is basically kicking the traditional school picture’s ass fifteen thousand times over.