Robert Redford’s rustic cabin dream house is for sale and OMG YOU GUYS I LOVE HIM

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My infatuation with Robert Redford goes back about a decade to when I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the first time and promptly watched all of his movies in the span of one summer. But in all the time I’ve loved him it’s never occurred to me to Google where he lives. Does that sound creepy? Because I don’t mean for it to.

I’ve never been to Connecticut, but now that the ex-abode of Robert Redford is for sale (for a cool $1.05 million, I might add) I’m all of a sudden Very Curious. It turns out Redford’s got a dreamy little bit of real estate tucked away in a swanky community (former residents include Bette Davis and Paul Newman), and his home is bursting at the seams with whimsical rustic nooks and crannies — think recycled accents, beamed ceilings, and stone fireplaces.

This red couch is amazing but pretty much everything else about this room screams MOUNTAIN DUDE to me. Which makes sense, given the owner. Do you think Redford circa Jeremiah Johnson comes with? Because I would straight up Freak Out.

These chairs and couch, on the other hand, look EXQUISITE — like your entire life could be spent dozing happily, waking up every so often to sip coffee and listen to birds, and get back to your dozing.

UNFORTUNATELY ole Bob’s bedroom style isn’t exactly my taste… who knew dude was so into Granny Chic?

He does rebound QUITE NICELY with these two incredible amazing OMG wow! bathrooms — I can’t decide if I would spend more time in the glowy beautiful tiled tub in the first photo or perched on the window seat in the second.

AND LOOKIT! He even has a room that’s all ready for a BABY!

I’ve saved my favorite shot for last… between all the LUSH GREEN and VIBRANT BLUE POOL I’m not sure what’s more appealing about this. Let’s just pretend that Paul Bratter is also in the mix and I’m sold.

You know… once I gather up that $1.05 million.

You can dig on more photos at the source!

Comments on Robert Redford’s rustic cabin dream house is for sale and OMG YOU GUYS I LOVE HIM

  1. The glowy bathroom with the tiled tub is awesome, but I’m concerned about the windows at crotch height next to the shower. I’d definitely have to pull the shades down on those!

  2. I went to school in the town next to where this gorgeous house is located, and I can assure you that you’re not missing much having never been to Connecticut. They hate anything and everything offbeat in Fairfield County 😉

  3. I love the house, but I must admit that I really dislike most of the decor. (“Granny chic” is such a descriptive phrase, though!) Still, nothing I couldn’t overcome someday when I buy that estate.

  4. I’m pretty sure the green bead board wainscoting in the second bathroom is the exact same stuff they have in the booths at Ruby Tuesdays. Same shade of green…

  5. Im guessing it is staged to sell, ( I mean who would keep a baby in a loft room with an open staircase plan?) so you probably dont have to worry about his style too much! 😉

    • Oh, wow. That is so much more logical than what I assumed in my Redford stalker brain (that the baby bed was used by his grandchildren). Man. Ha! 😉

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