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The HippieShack2000™: the most amazing place I ever lived

Six months of living in an industrial loft in 1999 soured me so deeply on everything urban, I fled the city completely and moved an hour south of Seattle to Olympia, WA. This is in commemoration of the amazing house we rented.

A Polaroid-themed Seattle artist’s loft with an altar in every room

This loft is New York-style in Seattle. Between the altars and the archways and the hardwood, it smacks of monastery life — so the dachsund, fantasy chandelier and huuuuuge landcamera prints all over are even better.

Home building on a very small scale

Space is a premium in all types of homes, but the Tiny House movement glorifies homes which check in at around 100 square feet. Not only that, but they’re often MOBILE! What could be better than that? How about watching as a tiny home is built?