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This “grandiose” Palm Springs home hasn’t changed since the 1969!

This vintage Palm Springs home was built in 1969, and it looks like it was decorated right around that time as well AND THEN NEVER EVER CHANGED. Even though it was sold twice in the ’90s. Both buyers did the world a favor, and left this time capsule home un-changed. And I salute them with this new vintage home tour…

Disney + retro-futuristic decor meet in this time warp of a Dallas home

This amazing vintage-style piece of time capsule real estate is currently for sale in Dallas, Texas. And it has a special Disney twist!

I’ll let the real estate listing fill you in on this fascinating retro Disney house…

Vintage-style jewelry that would make even Daisy Buchanan jealous

If you’re a lover of vintage-style jewelry and are looking to expand your collection with some seriously affordable options, have I got a killer batch to make even Gatsby bust a load. We’re talking vintage-style brooches, teardrop pearl earrings, black enamel necklaces, and so much ornate style, you’ll go wild.

Let’s go shopping!

This “wacky wallpaper house” in Minnesota will assault your eyes with patterns galore

Did you know there was a time when the fanciest way to decorate a room was to match your fabric to your wallpaper? This home for sale in Minnesota in the paradigm of that matching wallpaper and fabric movement…

8 tricks to bring back retro details in recently-remodeled homes

I hate when vintage homes get remodeled and loose all of their retro flavor. But there’s hope! This Las Vegas home can give us all a great lesson in how to bring back some retro details to recently-remodeled homes!

The 1950s kitchen of your titty pink and turquoise dreams!

I found another perfect Mid-Century time capsule home! And the kitchen is to die for. It’s the cat’s pyjamas. It’s the bee’s knees. It’s… well, it’s fucking pink and turquoise and awesome! Let’s tour it shall we…

This vintage Airstream decor is probably more stylish than your own home!

By the time this posts sees the light of day, this vintage Streamline Imperial for sale on Craigslist will probably already have been snatched up. But I’m not sharing this ad to sell the damn thing, I’m sharing this ad because HOLY SHIT this is one amazingly decorated trailer…

Cranking out laundry old-school-style with hand crank washing machines

Traveling to the laundromat can be time-consuming and expensive. However, purchasing your own standard washer isn’t always an option. And those portable min-washers that attach to your sink are not allowed in rental units. However, there are these small hand-crank washing machines that seem like they could be a viable alternative…