The 1950s kitchen of your titty pink and turquoise dreams!

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I found another perfect Mid-Century time capsule home for sale! This time it’s in Culver City, California, and the kitchen is to die for. It’s the cat’s pyjamas. It’s the bee’s knees. It’s… well, it’s fucking pink and turquoise and awesome! Let’s tour it shall we…

mid century living room 1

I’m having trouble seeing how cool the wall of windows and the brick fireplace is, because I’m so distracted by how much I love the retro furniture!

mid century living room  2

mid century living room 3

Oh my gawd, look how cool that vintage room divider is!

mid century living room 4

But then I got a peek into the kitchen and I KNEW I had to stop gawking and share this with all y’all…

1950s dining room

1950s dining room and kitchen

The tiny curtains! The retro dining table and chairs! The bar stools! The pink — or is that ultimate throwback color, titty pink? — colored walls! I’m dying of retro happiness.

1950s retro kitchen 1

This kitchen was featured on Retro Renovation with its checker board floors, retro-designed laminate counters, wood cabinets, O’Keefe & Merritt oven, retro-style fridge and dishwasher.

1950s retro kitchen 2

1950s retro kitchen 3

The rest of the house has some cool retro elements to it as well, including perfect vintage bathrooms and awesome wallpaper…

vintage bathroom 1

vintage bathroom 2

vintage bedroom

vintage wallpaper

I know I’m not alone in my 1950s kitchen lust. Who else has/wants a perfect retro kitchen such as this?

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  1. Beautiful! I LOVE 1950s capsule houses! I bought a 1950s house 4 years ago, but it had been flipped, and all the original elements had been ripped out, except the beautiful hardwood floors, and replaced with builder basic 2000-2010 elements (SOB). The kitchen and bathroom were so poorly done, that two years ago we ripped both of them down to studs again, and styled the new renos off 1950s aesthetics. I need to pinch myself sometimes, I have my dream 1950s house now!

  2. Me, Me, Me! I am so sick of not being taking seriously by our realtor about how much I don’t give a shit about an “updated” kitchen. The other day we toured this house and I mentioned that I was digging the orange Formica counter tops (photos 12-13) and she said “Well, those can always be replaced and if you don’t want to spend that much they have kits now that can make it look like stone” I wasn’t being sarcastic. I LOVED those orange counter tops. All I would’ve done in that kitchen is replace the maroon paint with something more neutral and lived happily ever after.

      • You are so lucky to get an excited response! I get a weird look and a “well, yeah, it’s functional but it’s not very modern” and I’m like “YES!
        That’s the whole point!!”

        • You need a new realtor. A GOOD realtor listens to what you want and after a few houses knows what you like better than you do, only shows you homes you’ll love, and never lets their own tastes overshadow yours.

          Or maybe my realtor was just especially awesome

          • I think yours was just extra awesome! Our is learning, and she’s very straightforward and does excellent research. We really like her a lot and I think she is learning because she at least has stopped suggesting that we pull up every carpet we see. Baby steps!

  3. We’re not doing a ’50s kitchen – we’re finishing our basement with a ’50s look and we’ve been looking for appropriate laminate counters – thanks so much for the link to Retro Renovation!

  4. I really like the style of the 1950’s!
    Wagon Wheel, Mission and Monterey Style Furniture at one time could be purchased at Sears and Montgomery Wards!
    It’s sure expensive today!
    That house is COOL!
    I retired in October 2018 and purchased a stone and stucco 1200 sq. ft. cabin on a couple of acres, hidden away in the South West.
    My property taxes are less than $100 a year, the few neighbors I have are great, the air is fresh and clean and I have more fun riding my fat-tire beach cruiser around my isolated western town!
    Just had my home re-Stuccoed and fixing the interior to resemble a scene out of a Clint Eastwood Movie…Clint is blasting his way out of the old Cantina!
    The colors are loud and gaudy, but it’s my take on on the High Plains of the South West!

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