What happens when you bring together longtime Offbeat Mama icon Pushba and longtime Offbeat Mama sponsor Mamasan Maternity? This hotness:

Photo by Alla Kiba

So, here’s how it happened…

A couple months ago, I got an email from Pushba (I KNOW! I squeed like a shameless fan girl getting a tonguey one from James Marsters circa 1998):

You remember that I speak english very bad.
I ask you for help
I liked a dress from this site: mamasanmaternity.com
Band of Skulls Top
I think they do not send goods to Russia
could you help me with this?

I said I’d do my best, and got in touch with the folks at Mamasan Maternity, who agreed to ship the Band of Skulls Top all the way to Russia with love … but only if Pushba promised to send back pictures.

And did she ever.

Very special thanks to Mamasan for helping our Russian mama-friend out!

Aww, yay! It’s Grater, Mr. Pushba himself! Side, note: insane DILF action!

Photoshoot credits:

If you’re dying to get your Pushba on and rock your own Band of Skulls top, you can snag that here.

Comments on Pushba in Mamasan

  1. Hot! And special props to Mama-san for shipping halfway across the world. When I finally need them I’ll be using them…

  2. I really believe that her beauty is all part of a striking confidence. Its awesome to see someone wear that kind of confidence even while pregnant! I work with young mothers and self love and confidence is one of those issues we struggle with

  3. Agreed that not only is she just amazingly beautiful, but she rocks it with the most confidence I’ve ever seen in one person.

    I swoon.

  4. WOW! Amazing pictures! The first one especially, she looks like some awesome futuristic/extraterrestrial! : )

  5. She is too cute! I love reading about her on Offbeat mama, I find her beautifully amazing.

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