Pushba and her son Elisha, celebrating!

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Google Translator says the post this photo is from is titled “Extract from the hospital,” (HA!) I think that poor translation means that Pushba and her son Elisha are celebrating being discharged from their six-day hospital stay:

As always, I can’t understand much of anything, but there are some lovely photos over here.

Oh and PS OMG YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT!? Pushba emailed me (!) and said she might be coming to NYC this fall (!?!) and would I want to meet up (!!!!). My Russian Goth fangirl dreams may finally be realized! I’ll keep y’all posted, obviously.

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  1. Maybe off topic, but it’s the first time I’ve “met” another boy with the name Elisha. It happens to be my brother’s name as well…but he’s been plagued with being asked if his name is Alicia. Poor guy never did deal with it and ended up going by his initials.

    • Really!? I’ve known a couple of Elisha’s and babysit one. Maybe it’s just the circle you run in. It’s an Old Testament name, so I know a couple through extensive church-like contacts.

      • LOL @ my circle 🙂 It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. Even in school the secretaries would refer to him as my sister ACK!

        I know about the churchy connection, it was actually my grandfather’s middle-name, and great great grandfaterh’s first name (they like to skip generations ha).

        Weirdly enough, I know a few girls with the name, though they pronounce it the previously mentioned “Alicia”.

  2. That is the most gorgeous family. Lada is so so sweet, Elisha’s squishy baby cheeks.. they are all like angels fallen to earth or something. PS where can I find Pirates Of The Caribbean champagne…. ha ha ha

    • They sell Pirates of the Caribbean champagne here in Prague….it is non alcoholic bubbly for kids 😉 When I found out that we were having a baby my husband got me a bottle of Hanna Montana bubbly to celebrate..lol

  3. Jesus, she looks SO GOOD. I mean, the outfit and makeup and… aaah! How does she do it? I looked like a truck had run over me when munchkin and I left the hospital!

  4. How awesome that she got to hold him in her arms on the ride home. ‘Cause you know what I’ve discovered I can’t stand? Car seats! I freakin’ hate them! I’ve been 4 weeks struggling with car seats, and I seriously am so annoyed that my government requires that I use one in all circumstances. Go Russia and common sense dictum!

  5. I had the weirdest dream ever that I hung out with Pushba at some office building that was under siege. All because of this post. Obviously I shouldn’t eat before bed.

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