How could I not report the birth of my favorite Russian mama’s second child, even if I can’t quite understand the birth story?! From what I can decipher via Google Translator, Pushba gave birth last week to a healthy boy named Alexander (I think?) Elisey via emergency c-section. About his name, Pushba explains:

The child named Elisha
In Russian sounds Elisеy
[nick]name Lis, in english – Foxy

Lis appears to be latching on just fine! If you want to stumble through the unintentional poetry of an online translator, you can run her birth story through a translator.

Comments on Pushba had her baby!

  1. May i just say how much i love that birth stories and pictures effectively bridge culture gaps? melts your heart no matter what language the caption is in

  2. Alexander is her husband’s name, her son’s name is Elisey.

    I’m here for all your Russian pregnancy translation needs!

  3. I can never get Google translator to work and I’m dying to read Pushba’s blog. Can anyone walk me through how they do it? I apologize in advance for my lack of tech knowledge.

    • If you use Chrome, Google’s web browser, it’s completely automatic: when you go to a page in a different language, the browser auto-detects it and offers to translate it for you. Added bonus: Chrome is awesome.

      • OMG where has Chrome been hiding?! I love it! Officially going to go read till my eyes bleed. Thank You!

  4. FINALLY! LOL So glad to see that Pushba & Baby Pushba (habit of my mother’s family to call the baby “Baby (Mother’s first name)”, lol) are doing well 🙂

  5. I just checked out Pushba’s beautiful birth photos but that’s the scariest looking hospital bed i’ve ever seen!

  6. Holy smokes – I think that the first photo is one of the hottest pictures I have EVER seen! You can just see the passion and support for each other – wow!!

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