Catching up with Pushba and Lada

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Photo by Roman Kuznetsov

Time for another chapter in the ongoing saga of “Ariel’s long-distance Russian mama-crush.” Yep, new pictures of the stunning (and pregnant!) Pushba and her daughter Lada. This batch was taken by photographer Roman Kuznetsov.

Pushba’s a few months into her second pregnancy — and it’s a boy!

Mondays sucking appears to be an international phenomenon.

Is it just me, or does this look like a vintage photo? Except Pushba’s very modern bad-assery, of course.

I call this photo BOOT ENVY.

For even more gorgeous photos of my favorite little freaky family, you can do like I do and stalk Pushba’s LiveJournal.

Comments on Catching up with Pushba and Lada

  1. Damn, but they are a classy family. And pregnancy looks amazing on her; I begin to think a potato sack would look like high fashion on her — she has the confidence and the charisma to make it work, and it shows. XD

  2. Всем привет. Наткнулся недавно на статью, в которой говорится что ученые американской Академии наук (NAS) утверждают, что конец света наступит 22 сентября 2012 года. Причем это будет “конец света” в прямом смысле.
    Что вы думаете по этому поводу.
    Пардоньте если не в тот раздел )

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