This Game of Thrones party snack spread should win the Iron Throne by rights

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The most important thing that has ever happened to me, my reason for living — Game of Thrones — is back on the air. Every Sunday I get together with a group of friends and we watch the magic and the madness unfold together. Usually I just put out some cheese and crackers, with enough wine to make Cersei proud.

So imagine how huge my eyeballs got when I saw this spread show up in our Flickr pool…

Game of Thrones party snacks

I immediately begged Heather (of art nouveau boat wedding fame) to not only give me all the details, but to come to my apartment and re-create it.

If you want to make your viewing parties as epic as the show itself, here’s how to pull off the perfect snack spread for your Game of Thrones viewings…

Game of Thrones party snack 2

I had been planning my Game of Thrones premiere party spread for a while, trying to find the right combinations of foods that would fit within the show’s aesthetic — there are all kinds of Song of Ice and Fire recipes out there. Unfortunately, due to allergies and dietary restrictions of myself and guests, it made it a bit more challenging… but I’m proud to say that the majority of what I served was gluten-free, dairy-free (with the exception of the cheese platter), vegetarian, and paleo-friendly.

The cheese platter that is featured in this particular picture has a blue himmel, porter cheddar, and brie (all picked up at Trader Joe’s) accompanied by fresh figs, dates, grapes, and pears, with a fig jam and raw honey.

I made lemon tarts (on left), as well as chocolate berry tarts, “direwolf” shaped scones, and lemon-blueberry cakes. I also put out assorted fruits and nuts in glass goblets.

I dressed the whole thing up by draping fabrics over the tables, putting fresh flowers in various glass vases, and arranging candles and medieval type props I had lying around. When making a table-scape, I really like to make sure there are a lot of colors and textures that complement each other — you don’t have to have matching serveware, but thematic elements should tie it all together.

Game of Thrones party snack 3

I’m definitely investing in a couple of wooden cheese boards, and taking a trip to Trader Joe’s before next Sunday’s viewing party. Now to figure out how to make “direwolf-shaped scones”…

Comments on This Game of Thrones party snack spread should win the Iron Throne by rights

  1. ‘…medieval type props I had lying around.’

    I want to be your friend just for the fact you have medieval props lying around. Also, this spread looks awesome and I want to go to there.

    • I work in theatre and film so much of my apartment decor is filled with discarded set dressing pieces. The bundle of arrows on the table came straight from the prop-shop garbage– my boss pulled it out of the can and said, “You’ll want this.” I might have a problem. Haha. πŸ™‚

  2. This is gorgeous. I’ve never watched the show but I’d be awfully tempted if I knew I could munch on all of this. I love that it’s allergy and special diet friendly! Now I need to go make a lemon tart….

  3. Thrift stores, ppl, thrift stores! Wood platters & bowls, faux silver goblets & more platters, all the medieval-oid accessories you need for this can be found by scouring a thrift stores for a while. (Sez the long-time renfaire & SCA gal with cupboards overflowing with this kind of stuff πŸ™‚ )

    Wolf-shaped cookie cutter for the scones? Not that much harder – Sur la Table sells several “breeds” of dog-shaped cookie cutters, & there are prob. other places online that do too. Just search for the most wolf-like one.

  4. Hello all! So glad to see you’re enjoying the photos of my tasty treats. I had so much fun doing it all.
    But on to the important stuff: I come bearing recipes! My expertise is more with presentation and truth be told, I’m pretty useless in the kitchen…so I promise they are super easy and delicious! Even friends that don’t have allergies rave about how good everything tastes (especially the tarts.)

    – Lemon Tarts: (I use the crust recipe from the following chocolate berry tart and make individual tartlets)

    – Chocolate Berry Tarts:

    And the “direwolf” scones were inspired by The Inn at the Crossroad’s Hot Pie Direwolf Scones: but to make them dairy free/gluten free/paleo, I used the following recipe, but omitted the blueberries:

    • Woah, Heather! I just visited your website and realized that you are the creator of the amazing Lannisters bowling image (“The Laneisters of Casterly Rock & Bowl”). That is one of my favorite GoT fan art images by far! Clearly, the Offbeat Empire attracts all the best people on the internet.

      • Haha- For some reason I’m just compelled to make ridiculous Game of Thrones art. I’ve actually been wanting to do an updated version of the Laneisters where they’re all just drunk and miserable. πŸ˜‰

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