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Play this quote-matching game at your next movie-themed party

Yeah, this particular movie quote game was invented for a wedding shower, but this could be fun for any movie-themed shindig you’re hosting — birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, baby showers, etc.

Create instant mood lighting with a cake dome

Cake dome + LED string lights = easy mood lighting!

Then our sister site, Offbeat Bride, took it another step further with pickle jars and dinosaurs. Check these out…

How to host a large dinner party in a small space

Last November I threw a potluck Friendsgiving. What made it a little tricky (and very nerve-wracking up until) is that I share a one-bedroom apartment with a platonic friend where I live in the living room. I was worried that we wouldn’t fit, or that we wouldn’t be comfortable, or that the pole would get in the way, etc. Here’s how I made it work…

Throw this party: The Pollinator

I’m throwing a party that I’ve named “The Pollinator.” The basic idea is that I want to widen my social circle, so the price of admission is that every single attendee bring a guest that I either do not know or do not know well.

Unexpected party favors: What should I do with the things guests forget at my house?

I’ve found myself with a growing collection of castaway sunglasses, casserole dishes, makeup, gifts from friends that were meant for other friends. What is the etiquette for storing/returning forgotten items? If a guest claims an item, but takes forever to come pick it up, how long should I keep it? If they live far away, am I obligated to ship it to them?

Throw this Seinfeld-inspired, shame-free Regifting Party

We’ve talked about what to do with gifts you don’t want on Offbeat Home & Life before. One of the suggestions is to regift — that wonderfully taboo idea many of us are familiar with thanks to Seinfeld. Thanks to my extended family’s incredible generosity but general cluelessness about what I want or need for Christmas, every year I find myself with a bunch of gifts that are very nice, but not quite what I want. After some conversations with friends in the same boat, I decided that regifting shouldn’t be a dirty word. It should be an excuse for a party!

How kitty sweaters, virtual fires, and friends saved the day I had to work on Christmas day

Last Christmas was a lonely one for me. I was separated from my family and I had to work. My heart was broken. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. After my Christmas fate was sealed, I told my group of besties about how sad I was about missing my favorite part of Christmas for work. We then decided to have our own Christmas celebration after my shift was over. The name for our shindig was not original, but it meant the world to me: Friend Christmas.

Throw this party: “T. Hanks-giving”

T. Hanks-giving is a wonderful pre- post- or alterna-Thanksgiving celebration that gives thanks to Tom Hanks, Patron Saint of American Film. Here’s how to throw your own T. Hanks-giving…