Play Oscars Bingo this Sunday

Guest post by Ms. Ar'ite


Remember going on long road trips with mom and dad when you were a kid? And you couldn’t stop smacking your little brother, or asking to stop at every McDonald’s sign you spotted along the highway…

That was until Mom whipped out those auto-bingo cards to shut you up.

(Sigh.) Memories!

Well, now there’s something kinda like that for adults to play, in case you’re getting bored… during the Oscars!

Sit back, have a drink, and wait for someone to fall, mention Miley, or make a political statement, and you could have BINGO in no time! Check these cards out…



If you need more boards, you can download all of them here, and play with up to 10 of your friends this Sunday.

Now this raises the question: what would you put on YOUR Oscars Bingo cards?

Comments on Play Oscars Bingo this Sunday

  1. Awesome! Too bad I never watch the Oscars because it ends way too late for me on a Sunday night. But I made sure I sent a link to a all my the Oscar pool people at work 😉

  2. I’m going to be actually watching the Oscars this year, instead of boycotting them because they turn my neighborhood into a backed-up traffic nightmare. And I totally think I’m gonna do this.

  3. This was a fun game! Only four of us played and nobody got Bingo, but I did get really close. It made a really long show feel like it had some tension.

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