How to play Quidditch Beer Pong

Guest post by Rachel

Over on Offbeat Bride, we featured a Harry Potter bridal shower where they played Quidditch Beer Pong. I asked Rachel how to play, and she gave me all the magical details…

Quidditch Beer pong.
Quidditch Beer pong.

We based the Quidditch version of beer pong rules on this, with some slight modifications. Then I printed out the rules for our guests. Of course, I used the Harry Potter font (it’s called Able, and it was a font BEFORE Harry Potter, but now it is a famous font associated with the franchise, so it costs $40).

Anyway, here’s how to play…

Rules of Quidditch, plus valid spells!
Rules of Quidditch, plus valid spells!

Rules Of Quidditch

The first side to reach 100 total points wins the game.

Point Allocation:

  • 10 POINTS: for using your bludgers to swat a ball illegally, or if you knock your own cup over
  • 10 POINTS: for a regular make
  • 10 POINTS: Once per game per team a player can, instead of shooting, call for a shot of Felix Felicis (liquor) and automatically receive 10 points instead of shooting their shot
  • 20 POINTS: for making a shot through any of the three goals, which can be legally swatted by the other team’s bludgers (hands)
  • 20 POINTS: for bounce shots that go in, which can also be defended by the other team’s
  • 20 POINTS: if you score 3 shots in a row you drink a Gurding Potion. You now have extra endurance and shoot until you miss, each shot counting as 20 points.

Aside from using your bludgers defensively (to block 20 point shots), you can also cast Wingardium Leviosa and blow out a shot out that is spinning (before it stops in the water).

Each team is allowed four spells per game, two per teammate. Spells must be called before shooting, and the spell being cast depends on whether or not the shot is made. If the shot misses, the spell cast still counts against the team’s total spells.

Spell Casting

Accio: You may move a single cup to any spot on the table. (Excluding the Snitch)

Badazzling Hex: You next turn your balls become invisible. You can bounce/shoot through the goal, and your victims can’t see (can’t block).

Confundo: Opponents become confused. Their next shots must be trick shots.

Conjunctivitis Curse: Victims become blind on their next turn, and shoot with closed eyes.

Deprimo: You can blow away the opponents shots from mid-air on their next turn.

Episkey: Add a cup back to the rack you are shooting at, opponents choice of where to place it.

Evanesco: Remove one cup on your side (only usable once per game). Can be used to remove ANY cup including Snitch.

Expelliarmus: One opponent loses one spell.

FiendFyre Curse: Causes victims cups to catch fire. Every four shots the victims miss they lose another cup. For every three shots your team misses you lose one cup.

Finite Incantatem: Removes any spell/curse in play or protects you from one spell of your choosing through the end of the game.

Flame-Freezing Charm: Causes fire to become harmless (fire from a successful FiendFyre Curse).

Imperio: You control your opponents next shot, deciding how they shoot it on their following turn.

Jelly Legs Jinx: Victims can’t use legs, and must shoot their next shot while sitting on the ground.

Reducio: Make any cup smaller on your side (be reasonable). (Excludes snitch)

Refilling Charm: The cup made never goes away, and must be refilled each time it’s made. (can be removed by opposing team’s Evanesco spell)

Reparo: Re-rack your cups into a formation of your choosing.

Tarantallegra: Victims can’t stop dancing until after their next shot is taken (entire team).

So who’s played, and who’s gonna play Quidditch Beer Pong? Any more rules or spells that you’d add?

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  1. Quidditch Beer Pong was SO fun. We didn’t get nearly the drinking/ponging/spellcasting on that we wanted to, since moms and such were not into it, but Andie (fellow bridesmaid) is hosting a Halloween party, and we are going to play a few rounds again!

  2. This is delightfully complex. I wish I’d had to spend hours watching my now-husband play THIS with his friends instead of regular pong (booooring…but unfortunately he was very good at it so the games went on forever.)

  3. This post has me internally screaming, “fuck, I seriously LOVE this site!” Where else would I see a post about friggin’ Quidditch Beer Pong?! I wish I had enough nerdy friends to play it though…

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