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A David Bowie and owl-themed bedroom for a kid named Bowie

When my husband and I first found out our second child was a girl we immediately said her name should be Bowie Irene. Of course her nursery should be decorated with pictures of the man himself.

adopt a soldier

My 5 ideas for non-baby themed nurseries

My husband and I are only just beginning to talk about having a baby, but like the overeager person I am I’ve already been looking at different baby room inspiration online. Over the past few weeks I have looked at all the available store themes and come to one conclusion: they are not us. Baby animals, over-powering geometric patterns, PINK…. just because it’s for a baby’s room doesn’t mean it has to be infantile!

Henri and his wondrous carnival-themed striped nursery

I totally squealed when these photos of Henri’s carnival-themed nursery popped up in our Flickr pool — I love these glimpses into people’s worlds! Henri’s room is adorbz, and (BONUS POINTS) his parents even found a way to feature a clown that isn’t a creepy. Let’s check it out.

We turned a bedroom into a crib for a formerly co-sleeping baby

We co-slept until my daughter was eight months old. It was an amazing experience for me, but she started teething at eight months. As the primary breadwinner of the family, and also the lightest sleeper, my husband felt it would be best to transition her to her own room, so that I could get at least a little sleep before embarking on what is typically a 13 hour day. But I hated putting her in a tiny crib (to be fair, she is big for her size)… so we decided to turn her room into a crib.

20 DIY pop culture themes for your baby’s nursery

The folks at Buzzfeed were on to something extra special when they concocted this list of 20 pop culture-themed baby nurseries AND how you could make your own versions — something special indeed! Themes range from Harry Potter to Pokemon to LOST (with polar bears included, of course) — here are few of our faves.

A happy yellow, green, blue and teal nursery with DIY touches and hand-me-down toys

We wanted a bright and cheerful room for our child’s nursery, and it definitely needed to be fit for a boy or girl. Instead of building the room around a theme we built it around color, and as you’ll see there’s DEFINITELY a lot of it in there!

A DIY retro space-themed nursery for a GIRL

I chose “Spaceships and Robots” as the theme for my daughter’s nursery because I wanted to create a special environment that would inspire her to reach for the stars and “boldly go where no man has gone before,” so to speak. Oh yeah, and because I’m a giant NERD!

A punk-inspired nursery and baby shower

Like Sheena, Laura and Matt’s little baby-on-the-way Gavin is going to be a punk rocker. Discotheques be damned!