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Is a rocking chair really that big of a deal?

Jaime’s got a question about rocking chairs — do you need one when you have a baby, or can you use a different kind of chair?

Matteo’s magical “Where the Wild Things Are”-themed nursery

If you love Where the Wild Things Are or anything you can DIY, this nursery might just be too much for you to take.

Alice Lasertron’s Montessori-inspired bedroom will rock your world

You all know we’re big-time fans of Princess Lasertron around here. Check out her daughter’s freshly redecorated bedroom and you’ll totally understand why!

Sydney’s Ugly Dolls and monsters nursery

Normally, monsters in the nursery is a bad thing, but Sydney’s Ugly Dolls nursery with guest appearances by Godzilla and other monsters is scary cute.

How we decorated the nursery without breaking the bank

Decorating your kid’s nursery with style doesn’t have to be a monumentally expensive task — you just have to know where to look.

Retro space nursery turned big kid’s room for two

Remember the Retro Space Nursery we featured in 2009? Well, Leah’s two boys have grown significantly (one’s a toddler, and the other is in preschool), and the room was due for an upgrade!

Uli’s sweet animal-filled nursery

Elka had animals on her mind when decorating the nursery for her son, Uli. Elka has previously written about backpacking with a baby and dealing with diabetes while pregnant on Offbeat Mama.

A birch tree nursery–with a twist

We live in a mid-century modern house that backs to trees, so we wanted the room to be modern and reflect the natural landscape outside. We also needed it to be gender-neutral, as we declined to learn the sex of the baby, and would like to use the room as-is for any future babies. We […]