A David Bowie and owl-themed bedroom for a kid named Bowie

Guest post by Ashley
All photos by Ashley.

When my husband and I first found out our second child was a girl we immediately said her name should be Bowie Irene. Of course her nursery should be decorated with pictures of the man himself.

We went with grey walls and decorated them with framed David Bowie vinyls. My husband and I made it a day trip to find our favorite Bowie vinyls at an antique mall that we would place on her walls. As we started decorating, I had come across a t-shirt my husband bought me when we first started dating — a shirt with David Bowie and an owl on it. I decided to cut it up and attach it to a canvas so it could be hung on the wall.

I also used my Cricut to cut out the lyrics to “Let’s Dance” so I could glue them to a canvas and frame them. Also on display in her room is a collection of goth and Monster High dolls — you’re never to young to start!

When I was finished decorating I was so happy to have created a nursery that our daughter Bowie could grow in and hopefully rock out in there to Ziggy Stardust.

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  1. I adore it!! I’m also a huge Bowie fan but sadly my fiancée has already vetoed the name 🙁 I do know someone with a baby son called Bowie though so shared for his benefit

  2. I didn’t buy any Bowie themed baby gear (not even the Babe with the Power onesie I drooled over for months) when I was pregnant because we were waiting until the baby was born to find out “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy”! I was so afraid of jinxing myself. I knew in my guts I was pregnant with our little Bowie Celeste! I love seeing other baby Bowie’s from time to time. It’s just such a cute name, I’d been dreaming about a little girl named Bowie since high school and it’s when I agreed to take my husband’s last name it was with the agreement that if we ever had a girl her name would be Bowie. Great nursery and great baby name!

    • I love the name too! It’s such a cute and beautiful name for a girl. We had a ton of good reactions to her name. Virtual high five to others who have named their kid Bowie also!
      I was sort of on the fence with waiting but in the end said eff it. If Bowie had come out a boy I think I still would have decorated it the same.

  3. Your nursery is adorable! I really like that you found a t-shirt that your husband gave you that fit with the theme and then built around it. Personal things like that make it extra special!
    I like that you included a collection of goth dolls! I’m not planning on having a child right now, but I was watching Ruby Gloom the other day and thinking how cute it would be to decorate a baby’s nursery in a Ruby Gloom theme. I wore Ruby Gloom apparel (still have two shirts and a hoodie) when I was in high school, back before the show came out. I discovered the show while babysitting last year on Netflix and just absolutely adore it! I love how it shows how people can be dark and happy, girls can be the leaders, and boys can be thoughtful (like when Skull Boy takes it upon himself to do Ruby’s laundry because she is always doing nice things for others). I’m aware from previous experiences with our families that this theme may be met with resistance, so it is nice to see you and your husband incorporate gothic things into your child’s life!

  4. Interesting name choice! Did you know that David Bowie chose the name “Bowie” as a stage name because he was inspired by the book Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa, so he chose the word bowie, which is a type of knife. The book talks about, among other things, the danger of self-deception in spirituality, or ‘spiritual materialism.’ It’s a great book, by the way.

    • I did know that! I read it somewhere other than the book but that has now been added to my list I must reads! Both my husband and I are huge David Bowie fans! We are actually getting a David Bowie exhibit here in Toronto and can not wait to take our kids to see it!

  5. Love this nursery! My Dad is a rock musician and “Ziggy Stardust” was actually my lullaby when I was a baby. Get someone to play it on acoustic guitar – it’s beautiful and will turn your little Bowie into a lifelong fan!

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