Henri and his wondrous carnival-themed striped nursery

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carnaval nursery

I totally squealed when these photos of Henri’s carnival-themed nursery popped up in our Flickr pool — I love these glimpses into people’s worlds! Henri’s room is adorbz, and (BONUS POINTS) his parents even found a way to feature a clown that isn’t a creepy. Let’s check it out:

carnaval nursery

LOVING the awning over the top and the striped walls — and the blanket is hand-knit!

carnaval nursery

Hoop alert!

carnaval nursery

Hello, non-creepy clown! You’re actually kind of cute.

carnaval nursery

I’m fairly certain this image is the same as this 1950s birthday party game. So cute!

carnaval nursery

You can see a few more from the room right over here!

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Comments on Henri and his wondrous carnival-themed striped nursery

  1. The awning is from Ikea and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use it in my sons’ room, cause it’s just so awesome.

    That clown however, it still creepy. I keep feeling the need to scroll back up to make sure it hasn’t morphed into homicidal psycho clown while I wasn’t looking.

  2. heyyyy thanks for showing off henri’s room 🙂 I guess I was too busy birthing him to realize it had bein the object of a post 🙂

    We were super happy to pull off what we felt like was an interesting decor on a tiny budget. I hand knit the blanket, we got the crib as a hand me down, the dresser was in the house we bought, the creepy/uncreepy clown is from the salvation army, the frame to the donky was in the house already too. the hoop and the donkey image are from the dollar store (score! retro print for 1$!!!) I covered the hoop with fabric scraps. The Henri banner was made by my friends as decoration for the baby shower!

    My husband manages a paint store so we got good paint for peanuts. The awning is like Under 20$ at Ikea. So there we had it, a nursery we loved for Under 100$ 🙂

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