Use window tape to decorate clear surfaces

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I just found out about the wonderful world of glass tape! Open up your rooms to a whole new world of surprising style when you use funky-patterned glass tape in several different ways:

If you knew about glass tape way before I did, let me know: how have YOU used it?

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      • I feel like washi tape is sort of papery – it’s certainly matte and easier to tear than sticky tape/scotch tape. Hmm, I really haven’t put the washi tape I have to good use so this was a timely reminder!

  1. I’ve never seen this stuff, but now I’m wondering why it hasn’t occurred to me to decorate my windows with washi tape!

  2. Where does this magical stuff come from? I’m in a new Ultra bland rental and I’ve been trying to find a way to put borders on the mirror in the bathroom 🙂

  3. Does tape designed specifically for glass mean that you don’t get the icky sticky residue left behind afterwards?

    • “Glass tape” is sold primarily for scrapbooking and paper crafts, so I’m not sure it’s specifically designed for glass.

      It looks to me like it’s called “glass tape” to indicate that it’s clear, like Scotch tape… and thus to distinguish it from washi tape, which is paper-based, like masking tape.

      If I wanted the tape to come off glass cleanly at some later date, I’d definitely do some testing on bits o’ glass from the craft store before committing to actual glass attached to my home. It might work fine, but there’s no evidence I can find either way.

  4. I just saw at the grocery store a product from Crayola. It’s glass markers for drawing on glass and it’s washable. I haven’t tried it wanted to wait until my kiddos are older but it certainly sounds like a fun easy way to dress up a window to fit in with your decor especially in a rental.

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