This Tetris-inspired home decor will fit perfectly into your life

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Tetris Game - Large - Vinyl Wall Art Decals
Tetris Game – Large – Vinyl Wall Art Decals

Alright, last week we talked about home goods inspired by Final Fantasy, which is a video game I know nothing about. This week, let’s talk about home goods inspired by the one and only video game I do play: Tetris. I freaking LOVE me some Tetris.

You can imagine, then, my immense pleasure when stumbling upon this bedding design on ModCloth

tetris beddingIt’s called the “Next Level” bedding. It’s adorable. They even have that Tetris light

tetris lightAs one review said of the Tetris light, “There are no words for the nerdy awesomeness this exudes.”

tetris fridge decalThis Tetris Fridge Decal can turn your fridge into a giant Game Boy. But the coolest part… it’s not just for fridges: you can use this on your cabinets as well!

tetris shelvesOh Tetrad Shelving Unit, I have as much lust for you as there are ways in which you could display you. WOW.

glass brick tetris wallOr maybe you have a Tetris wall in your home and not even know it!

1c43_tetris_fail_blanketOkay, I do NOT like the Epic Fail Tetris blanket. It’s like a blanket of anxiety. Not cool, Think Geek, not cool.

Your turn: have you spotted awesome Tetris-inspired home decor? Or maybe other Nintendo-themed home decor would be to your liking?

Comments on This Tetris-inspired home decor will fit perfectly into your life

  1. I’m in love with that bed cover thingy. I’m also drawing a total blank on that actual word for such a thing because my cat is meowing nonstop and my brain is fried from too much stressful overthinking about job hunting, so I’m glad that I have some awesome tetris stuff to lust over 😀

  2. Tetris on the TI-83+ got me through middle and high school math/science classes. (Not that they weren’t interesting, but I had a series of awful teachers and would end up learning the material on breaks at rehearsals after school.) I loooooooooove Tetris!

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