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Meet Eliza Brownhome: a 1974 Bluebird school bus that houses a family of five

This summer, after six months of preparation including writing a detailed lease, we moved our family of five back into Eliza Brownhome, our 40′ Bluebird school bus. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how we can fit a family of five into 300 square feet, so I thought it’d be nice to give a tour. I am pleased to introduce Eliza Brownhome, our beloved 1974 Bluebird schoolbus.

Tiny Casita: converting a $200 trailer into a sweet mobile casa

Thanks to the Tiny House Blog for introducing me to Greg Fowkes’ story. He’s a new dad who’s converting a $200 trailer into an amazing modern mobile home that he, his wife, and their new baby can drive down to Mexico and live in.

As Greg says, “When you think about getting back to basics, what could be more basic than family? Change starts at home.”

But I don’t cook meth: overcoming my own “trailer trash” misconceptions

We were scrambling to get out of the nest, but didn’t know where to start. So we developed three requirements for our future home, and somehow a trailer fit them all. Now I just needed to get over my “trailer trash” stigma to be able to enjoy my new home.

Bex and Paul’s cozy boat moored in the countryside

I’d never stayed over night on a boat before I bought one to live on. I’d lived in a caravan and a garage for a bit so I thought that was enough — and I was right. This is our home: a narrowboat on England’s canals.

Paul’s red bus in New Zealand

Our friend Paul recently finished his bus renovation — turning a former school bus into a little one-man-one-dog wintertime road house. Come see his rig, his dog, and the cozy wood stove in his simply-made tiny home.

My guy works for the circus, so we live in an RV and travel to a new place every week

This is the first time in my adult life that I’m not renting my space, and it’s thrilling to demolish and tinker to my heart’s content. For now, this is home, and I really love it. It’s cozy and frankly, bigger than our shoebox in Toronto. How about that?

If Marie Antoinette had an Airstream trailer, it would look like this

Behold the home of Robin and John Brown! It’s a temporary home, but it’s a beaut.

Robin is a designer from San Antonio, Texas. She and her partner run their clothing business online, but take two trips a year — in the spring and the fall — when Magnolia Pearl heads to big shows. For this purpose, they’ve decked out an Airstream Land Yacht to roll in.

It is up and down, head to toe, glitzed OUT. This trailer has wooly rugs, fancy pants wallpaper, a full-size BATHTUB — it is in every way a rococo road spa.

Would you like a tiny German camping headquarters that can also hit the water?

I’ve never really gotten the fascination with amphibious cars. Even James Bond doesn’t need a boat he can drive onto land! But today, I get it. I had to change my mind after meeting this tiny amphibious camper — it’s like something from a dream!