If Marie Antoinette had an Airstream trailer, it would look like this

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Behold the home of Robin and John Brown! It’s a temporary home, but it’s a beaut.

Robin is a designer from San Antonio, Texas. She and her partner run their clothing business online, but take two trips a year — in the spring and the fall — when Magnolia Pearl heads to big shows. For this purpose, they’ve decked out an Airstream Land Yacht to roll in.

It is up and down, head to toe, glitzed OUT. This trailer has wooly rugs, fancy pants wallpaper, a full-size BATHTUB — it is in every way a rococo road spa.

Those are all the words I have for this. Enjoy the photos and imagine the day when you’ll lay on the mattress of your own Air Stream trailer, decked out to within an inch of its life, cruising down a desert highway (someone very attractive is driving.)

I hope I’ve given you images to fill your dreams tonight. Go! Go and fantasize. (And if you need more photos, take a look here.)

Comments on If Marie Antoinette had an Airstream trailer, it would look like this

  1. I loved this when I first saw it in Romantic Homes awhile back. Its a great article and talks about how most of what’s in there is recycyled/repurposed. It is worth hunting down.

  2. I have seen these photos roaming around on tumblr but there was never a source for it. It makes me so happy to know that there are actual people living in those spaces and that this wasn’t some staged studio setting. These were the photos that inspired me to hang fabrics on the walls and ceilings of my apartment!

  3. At 63 years of age these pictures and various articles I have read about the Magnolia Pearl is stimulating my mind to the point that I would simply LOVE to do a similar thing when I retire from work in a couple of years time …. how glorious would it be to follow the sun as a Grey Nomad in a rig like this …. my house has all the traits of this … I could virtually strip off all of the 1920’s style rose goodies I have all throughout my house including beautiful vintage shawls, quilts, fans, dolls, clothing, oil lamps etc….. and I would have the start of a beautiful home like this … I think I have now discovered a hobby, a goal & a dream to keep my mind & my heart happy & well occupied until it is time for me to retire …. thank you so much for discovering the Magnolia Pearl and sharing her absolute beauty with us 🙂 cheers Jilly

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