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I’m a fat woman interested in living small. What do I need to know?

I love your posts about tiny spaces and tiny homes and I dream of someday having a tiny place of my very own. As a fat woman, though, I wonder if that would be a comfortable situation. I’d love to go RVing full-time, honestly, I’m not sure if I’d be cozy or cramped.

Two homes with mobile-origins and beachy interiors — even when they sit in the snow

An old caboose becomes a new white-interior one-person home, and a Canadian couple builds the cutest clapboard caravan this side of The Hamptons.

The continuing adventures of Marla and Taco: stormy in PA and broke down outside Akron

A few weeks ago, we got acquainted with Marla and her travel trailer Taco as she led us through Taco’s renovation into a cute cross-country machine. Now: part one of Taco and Marla’s travels: Marla begins handy-personing her way across the nation. Unfortunately, the expedition has a rocky start…

The adventures of Marla and Taco: Building a road-ready travel trailer cute as a button

Almost a year after its conception, I birthed my half-baked-idea baby: May 2011 was the the maiden voyage of my trusty camper Taco. My tools, a few belongings, my Zulu short spear, and my cat Sophie are with me on an odyssey through as much of the country as we can stand.

Allie Bombach’s independent film “23 feet” — people living simple lives on the road

When I watched this trailer, it was on a day when I felt drained. It showed me other crazy offbeats out there making brave explorations. Awesome.

Home building on a very small scale

Space is a premium in all types of homes, but the Tiny House movement glorifies homes which check in at around 100 square feet. Not only that, but they’re often MOBILE! What could be better than that? How about watching as a tiny home is built?

Redefining home: Transitioning to fulltime sustainable RVing

Even before we got married, I felt that home was anywhere as long as I was with my husband. We’re putting that theory to the test by making the switch to full-time RV living.