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Comfy and CUTE maternity offerings from Etsy

It’s been a minute since we’ve given Etsy vendors some love.. which is funny, because I spend a solid part of every day scouring shop after shop. Since a lot of in-store maternity fashion can be troubling to say the least, Etsy is always an excellent alternative. Who knew you could find something like this vintage-inspired floral number from Hellcat Mama.

Where can butches find maternity clothing?

Can we talk about pregnant butch girls and maternity clothing? My partner of 10 years and I are expecting our first child in November. I need to go shopping for maternity clothes, but am concerned about the very feminine options that I have seen thus far.

Pushba in Mamasan

What happens when you bring together longtime Offbeat Mama icon Pushba and longtime Offbeat Mama sponsor Mamasan Maternity? This hotness…

Plus size maternity that isn’t like a floral tent

So you’re plus size, and you’re pregnant. You want to feel good about your body, and also have room for that expanding belly.

There are lots of plus-size maternity options out there, of course… but lots of them lean more toward the floral femmey side of things. You want to maintain yourself of self, even as you’re growing another person inside you. (Sometimes that still just seems FREAKING WEIRD, right? Seriously.)

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite plus-size maternity options that hint toward the bad-ass and still stylish… take a gander. We promise that the ONLY flowers we’ve got also have skulls involved. 🙂

Steampunk maternity fashion

Who says the last month has to be about tent-shirts and sweatpants? At 8.5 months pregnant, Dominianne is fully rocking her hand-crafted Steampunk maternity wear. For another couple shots of this amazing outfit, keep reading! HOTNESS!

Silk wrap skirts, for when you can’t be bothered by maternity jeans

So there I was, lamenting the sad state of maternity pants in the world when one of the good mamas from the Twitter universe chimed in with a great idea: Forgo pants altogether. Who needs pants? Pants are awkwardly sized, too short, and a general nuisance. Dispense with them altogether and wear pretty, flowy skirts! […]