Who says the last month has to be about tent-shirts and sweatpants?
steampunk @ 8.5 months profile

At 8.5 months pregnant, Dominianne is fully rocking her hand-crafted Steampunk maternity wear. For another couple shots of this amazing outfit, keep reading!

steampunk @ 8.5 months front

steampunk top, 8.5 months closeup


Comments on Steampunk maternity fashion

  1. i love it! i don't think i could've rocked it, though. i was that big at 4 months! by 8.5… i could barely stand, let alone get dressed ; ) (i did, however, get two babies out of the deal!)

  2. i LOVE it! i am going to the steampunk worlds fair this year and have been wondering how am i going to have amazing outfits without corsets? this is great!

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