Use mason jars to collect what’s left in an “empty” lotion bottle

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Photo by @yuhnet
Photo by @yuhnet

Once again, my friends on the Instagrams come through with another great idea! This time my girl Jeannette shows us, yet another, amazing use for Mason jars…

Okay, I might be the stingiest person alive, but I got THIS much lotion out of an “empty” lotion bottle by cutting off the top, and scooping it out. This has to be a packaging flaw. #ItSmellsLikeRosesSoIHadTo

Empty lotion bottle, my chapped ass! Look how much is left — enough to fill one of those small Mason jars (that I never know what the fuck to do with).

Are there other genius stingy ways of getting the last bits out of “empty” lotion bottles?

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  1. It’s a deliberate packaging flaw – they want you to think you can’t get any more out, or be too lazy to do so, so you’ll throw it out before it’s done and buy another. That way you buy their lotion more often and they make $$$

  2. Nice idea, cutting into the old bottle.

    We use those little mason jars all the time, mostly for portioning out a lunch-size yogurt or nuts and dried fruit for on the go. I also use them if we’re doing a weekend in the country to mix up spice blends for what I plan to cook. Saves some bumping elbows with friends and family and ensures I have what I need.

  3. With my Bath & Body Works body creams, I cut the top off about 3-4 inches down and scoop – then I stick the top back on, sliding it over the edges! It’s not airtight, but good enough for the next few days while I use the rest. I keep trimming down the bottle and sticking the top back on until it’s actually gone. I can get another week out of it!

  4. I always add a little bit of water to dilute my shampoo/conditioner toward the end to get four or five more washes.

    Plus, I feel much better about recycling plastic or glass containers when they’re completely empty – instead of rinsing that useful product down the drain.

  5. This is one of my pet peeves. There’s at least 1/5 the full amount left in my quart size lotion bottle when it stops pumping. I only recently got the idea to cut the bottle. I used to painstakingly transfer the contents of the new bottle into the old one so it would pump the oldest product first and then I’d have to keep the new bottle waiting for the next one, ad infinitum.

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