Put a lid on your Mason jar to make it a great reusable on-the-go cup

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Oh Mason jars, is there NOTHING you can’t do? Okay, you weren’t the most portable “on the go” type beverage holder. Until now. Let’s hear it for the Cuppow Mason Jar Sippin’ Lid!

I just had to post the copy from Think Geek‘s page, because it’s just too perfect:

The humble mason jar has been around since 1858. Always popular among the home canning crowd and “down home” restaurants, it’s starting to make a comeback thanks to (of all things!) Pinterest. There you’ll find mason jars used in chandeliers, home organizing, wedding decor (it is Pinterest, after all), in addition to storage for make-ahead meals and beverages.

Cuppow’s simple design will make it the only travel mug you’ll ever need. Just take a handy dandy canning jar: heat-resistant, BPA-free (cuz it’s glass!), cheap, durable, and tight-sealing. Unscrew it, pour in your beverage, and replace the inner seal with Cuppow before screwing the lid on tight. You now have a simple, eco-friendly alternative to leaky and ugly travel mugs. Now you just need to hit Pinterest for some juicing recipes…

And it’s just $7.99 on Amazon right now.

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  1. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen this week! I bring my iced mint tea to work in a 32 oz. mason jar, then bring it from a smaller one. They’re hardier than the glasses I own.

  2. Fantastic! I use a huge mason jar to make sure I get enough water throughout the day (not that I always do) and I’m always bummed that taking it with me is kind of a pain.

  3. Holy Crap!

    Mr. Ivriniel and I were just walking down Main St. and saw a display of “Redneck Wineglasses”, martini glasses and assorted other mason jar style cups.

    Mr. I’s brother loves to drink from mason jars, and just had a baby. I jokingly said to him that if they ever come out with a sippy cup version, we should get one to give to her as a toddler.

    And then I come here, and you have a sippy cup top for a mason jar.

    It’s blowing my mind! 😉

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