Let's talk about the silence and uncertainty of possible infertility

I'd started off so optimistic… I was healthy and young, of course I'd get pregnant today or sometime soon. The longer it took, the less I believed that or my doctors reassurance. My mind became wrapped in a negativity I'd never known before.

It is absolutely, positively, fantastic that there is a growing movement of woman making it more socially acceptable to talk about infertility. What we're not talking about is what comes before that. The months of uncertainty, of wondering if you're infertile…


Infertility, and the 5 stages of grief

During the first six months of marriage, I wasn't too concerned about my fertility. After all, I was unaware of any fertility difficulties within my family. At the six month mark, I began feeling impatient. When there was still nothing after eight months. This is about when I started going through the stages of grief


What not to say to an infertile person (even if they're child-free!)

I'm infertile. There are a lot of unexpected emotions that come up when you're infertile. I've been described as ultra-confident, and I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy. It can be tough to know what to say when you find out that someone is infertile. Here are a few common responses I've received, and why they're problematic…