My partner just found out he's infertile. How do we begin to cope?

Now that we know my partner is infertile, for the first time I realize that there's a good chance that I'll never get pregnant, that we'll never make a child together. When we thought the problem was me he would always know the right thing to say or do to make me feel better, but now that the situation is reversed I don't know what to say to him, "I love you" doesn't really seem like enough.


Struggling with telling infertile friends that you're pregnant… again

I recently found out I'm expecting my FOURTH baby. We're getting ready to tell our family and friends, and there are two people I've been avoiding telling so far: my brother and my very good friend.

My brother is gay, and he and his partner keep hitting roadblocks on their journey to having a baby. My friend is struggling to conceive and has been for some time…

From infertility to pregnancy and moving forward with new life

Then I took the test. It was positive. I genuinely believed the test was faulty. I was torn between a massive urge to run into the street and scream at passers-by "I'M PREGNANT", and the ever present feeling that this was not possible, I was not pregnant, and the test was wrong. I walked home in the rain. I dropped my paperwork on the floor, and it stuck there like glue. I left it. The wind was cooling my neck. The moment is so clear.


How can I ask non-intrusive family planning questions?

Before, I didn't get it. I didn't think it was a big deal to ask if or when a couple was having kids. I didn't realize the impact that merely being asked questions along these lines can have on someone dealing with personal decisions. I've actually apologized to a couple people for my past ignorance. But now I have a new problem: since these questions are off limits, I have no idea what to say!