Please adopt one of these self-watering planters!

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Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Stop everything and look at these Peropon Drinking Animal Planters! Seriously… do you like cute things? Do you like funny things? Do you like growing things? Then you will like these things!

animal planters

They remind me of these little drinking straw animal planters, only they’re bigger and they’re using their adorable tongues to slurp up all the water they need. Letting you just enjoy having a plant and a little ceramic pet.

cat planter

And every little planter comes with their self-watering tongues, seeds, soil and backpack pot. Right now you can find them on Ebay. They’re so cheap and cute you should definitely get one for you and a friend.


Comments on Please adopt one of these self-watering planters!

  1. So, three week report after receiving my little dog friend:

    He took a long time to sprout, so much so that I was fairly sure I was just watering dirt for a while.
    He is certainly cute and he makes me smile every time I come into my office. Sometimes, that is the highlight of my day.
    He is VERY small. Like just a few inches long.
    Once he started to sprout it was glorious- little green shoots growing taller every day.
    Lately though, he doesn’t look so well- some of the shoots have begun to die and shrivel and droop. This I think is the problem with putting a cute face on a plant- I am worried about this little guy! I put him next to the window so maybe he could get more sun, so hopefully that helps.

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