Use an app to help keep your orchid alive

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Megan Finley.

In the comments of How to hide the ugly: 5 cheap tricks for renters, Offbeat Homie PattiLain made a comment that just may change my thumb to green!

I used to kill plants. I guess I had trouble remembering when to water them, how much, etc etc, and they invariably died. So when my husband got me an orchid (so much faith, amiright?) I got an app called Koubachi. It tells you what to do, and send you reminders, etc.

My orchid is not only still alive and healthy-looking after more than four months, but it is flowering again.

For those of you who want even more IRL help, Koubachi also makes a Wi-Fi Plant Sensor!

What other insta-green thumb hacks do I not know about?

  1. Ooh! AWESOME! JUST tonight I was cutting off the dead leaves of my one and only poor orchid, the longest-lasting one I've ever had, lamenting the fact that they ALL eventually die on me! I love orchids SO much but have no idea how to manage them! I am so grateful to have found this app!! 😀

    • I went to the Google Play store this morning and found app right away. They make it clear that it's a beta version. But seems worth a try. Anything to try to keep my orchid alive! (A green thumb, I am not)

  2. I am so excited about this! I have always loved orchids but struggle to keep them alive (I often think orchids favorite thing to do is die) and I spread this love to my husband and we now have more than ten, all at various stages of despair. This is going to be amazing!

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