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Tricked out triceratops: rocking your houseplants with a $6 dinosaur

We said a quick goodbye, but the “squealing” sound he made when I cut into him with my Dremel will haunt my dreams. Sorry, dude, but I think it was for the greater good.

Tips from your neighborhood cat lady: the six deadliest plants for your pets

Whether you’re trying to keep your cat from killing a houseplant or you’re deerproofing your garden, most people think of plants as delicate beings in need of defense. But some plants — even common, unsuspicious looking plants — are trying to kill your pet, even if your pet doesn’t munch them.

I love my Woolly Pockets

Say you’ve got a wall that gets nice light – the bright, indirect light that plants love – but you don’t want to hang a planter since hanging planters are still stuck in the ’70s design-wise, or slide over a bookcase just to set a pot down. What do you do? Enter the Woolly Pocket.

Yes, you CAN grow orchids

Whenever I mention my orchids to people, even plant-lovers like me, they almost always say, “oh, I can’t grow orchids.” But you can! Orchids are just plants, and like all plants, they need light, water, and a little attention.

Rachel and Jared’s three bedroom art collection in a college neighborhood

I invaded Rachel’s house and gave myself a tour. When I showed up I sort of said, “How ’bout I just take photos and we’ll see where this goes?”

It went awesome. You’ll love it here.

You already have a green thumb, or: how to grow houseplants

When people come over to the house, they usually compliment me on my green thumb, but here’s the secret: There is no such thing as a green thumb. Or, if there is, you already have one.

Teaching old texts new tricks by turning books into planters

Are you bold enough to pervert a book in the name of stylish plants?