Photo courtesy of Anistar818's Instagram.
Photo courtesy of Anistar818 on Instagram.

Offbeat Homie Lenna Ani had the cutest greatest idea for your laundry: Use everyones favorite lost monster to keep track of your lost socks! Or, as she put it on her Instagrams… “All the mismatched socks want their family too, just like Stitch.”

So just print a photo of little lost Stitch, adhere it to a basket of your choosing, and pop it in your closet for a dose of adorable as well as a helpful place to put lost socks.

What are YOUR lost sock hacks? Bonus points if it involves aliens.

Comments on Use Stitch to help find lost socks!

  1. I made something similar with a piece of scrap wood, clothes pins, and paint. I put it in the laundry room so I can put the left over socks on the clothes pins, then easily find them when the matches turn up in a later load. It says, ‘lost socks; looking for sole mates’ (other ones say, ‘single and looking’ or ‘clean, single, looking for mate’

  2. I have 2 very heavy duty magnet clips that are on the side of my stacked washer dryer. One holds adult socks the other children’s socks. Sorry not very interesting but it does the job very well. If I had a full laundry room and not just a basement corner then something more decorative might come into play. I have ideas for a full room if I ever get one. You have no idea how much I want one.

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