Life hack: Turn “should” into “could” for dull chores

Guest post by Emmy
I Knew You Could Do It card from Etsy seller TickTockPress

It’s really interesting what happens when you turn “should” into “could.” It makes even a shitty chore feel more positive.

By re-framing a dull task you should do by using “could” it makes you consider what opportunities might hide within. It’s like when you anticipate doing something fun, and you end up considering how to make it the most of an enjoyable experience…

  • “I could wash up … listening to my favourite radio show!
  • “I could walk the dog …. and treat myself to an ice cream on the way home!
  • “I could take my [dull relative] out … to see that show I’ve been dying to see.”

Or even…

  • “I could clean out the cat litter… and the room won’t smell! Yay!

“Should” is an obligation; “could” is an opportunity. My life is much more enjoyable with my friend “could.”

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Who else has figured out this little life hack? What dull chores have you turned into opportunities?

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  1. OK, just so I’m sure… This isn’t me is it? There’s another Emmy who posts on here, but I’m having terrible déjà vu about the content.

      • Well that’s a relief! (amongst a vast maelstrom of other emotions that can generally be summarised as WHUH?! and YAY!) Thanks for confirming I haven’t fallen into a glitch in the matrix.

        I’m very proud to be called a Offbeat Home contributor, thank you!

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