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Add some love to your home with heartsy-fartsy home decor

Here’s the deal: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I do love to tell people that I love them. So what better way to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day then by sharing some of my favorite offbeat, heart-shaped home goods with the readers I love so much. I found things for all my wonderful Homies — tattooed shower curtains, adorable pillows, cooking utensils, pint glasses, geeky lunch boxes, science-y art prints, cross stitch-themed bedding, goth throw pillows.

Use electrical tape to gussy up plain candle sticks

Offbeat Homie Chrome Cat uploaded this pic of her awesome candle hack to our Flickr pool.

Post-Halloween sales are the best time to buy goth home goodies

It’s day after Halloween, which means it’s the perfect time to shop for awesome goth-inspired home goods because everything is on sale. Take Pier One, for example, most of these things that were marketed as “Halloween decor” and are all on sale right now. But these are totally all-around dark and awesome home decor items — like that black cat door mat! (Fun to say, even more fun to come home to all the time.)

Check the rest of these Pier One post-Halloween sale goods out…

Make your own bloody, gothic pumpkins!

I made these bloody gothic pumpkins, and you can too! Use them for home decor, party decor, doorstops, or bookends. I used pumpkins, but there are also crafting apples, pears, flowers, and more that you can use this method on. These are so super easy to make I bet I barely need to explain. But here we go…

Spooky boobies: How to make a DIY pentagram cage bra

Still looking for something to wear on Halloween? Check out Homie Alex Tinsley’s (of peeing in your wedding dress fame) pentagram cage bra tutorial.

Steal this fabulous Halloween table setting idea

Thanks to Tatum Witter (who’s no stranger to awesome gothic home decor) for uploading this fabulous table setting to our Flickr pool. Let’s analyze and break it down for your next dinner party designs, shall we?…

The solar-powered zombie lawn lantern is a thing, and it’s awesome

You know we loves us some badass lawn ornaments — trippy lawn ornaments, dragon mailboxes, and barfing gutter gargoyels. This time I’ve found the goriest, scariest way to light your lawn — the “Dead Rising” Zombie Solar-Powered Garden Light, of course!

Use these haunted bottle labels for your Halloween party

These bottle labels will either make your Halloween party that much more awesome OR completely discourage drinking and thereby ruin your party vibe. (I keed I keed.)