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Good Vibrations storage unit makes your bedroom look like it’s got a glitch

Do not attempt to reload your bedroom. This is a hand-carved storage unit from Ferruccio Laviani made to look like your bedroom.gif is experiencing a glitch.

What quiet bed frames are SILENT when you’re gettin’ busy?

Is there a bed frame that won’t betray the frantic motions on the mattress above? I guess what I’m saying is.. How can I make my bed more quiet during sex?!

Singer sewing machine + cutting board = perfect bedside table

The Homie with my favorite Flickr name, Precious Roy, submitted her makeover of a vintage Singer sewing machine as a bedside table.

Mass Effect-inspiration bedroom decor

From time to time, you’ll come across a very special book, video game or TV series that transports you to a unique universe — and does it so well, you could believe it’s real. The screen lights on, you turn the page, or press enter, and you find yourself in a completely different place. For me, the Normandy in Mass Effect was one of these places I wish I could really travel to: chill in the lounge, have a drink with Tali and jest a bit with Garrus. So what would I need to bring a little bit of that ultra-modern relaxing vibe home with me?

Steampunk-inspired home decor

So you love the Steampunk aesthetic, and you want to encorporate it into your home, but DON’T want it to look like a movie set. I feel ya. I’m a fan of subculture-inspired home design. This is why I’ve rounded up my favorite Steampunk-y home goods, featuring sneaky, mad scientist-y objects that transform from one piece of furniture into another.

3 steps to vintage-ifying a brand new dresser

I really wanted a dresser in my dining room. But my husband struggled with the concept of painting a potentially old and lovely piece of wooden furniture, so my next idea was to buy new and make that look antique by using this three-step process.

CustomMade helps you connect with 3,000+ artisans for all your custom goods needs

If you’ve ever dreamed up a piece of furniture or jewelry but found yourself unable to bring what you see in your head to fruition with your own hands, you’re going to love CustomMade. CustomMade is an online marketplace that can connect you with over 3,000 artisans who are just waiting to help build the custom item you can’t get out of your head.

Simple, minimal furniture for those of us who move a lot

I’m about to embark on a new career change which may frequently involve temporarily relocating to multiple places across the country. These temporary moves would likely be just me, my dog, no car, and likely without my partner.

I am trying to think ahead, while keeping price and possible storage/shipping ability in mind. What kind of simple, minimal furniture options are out there for this kind of arrangement?