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So you love the Steampunk aesthetic, and you want to encorporate it into your home, but DON’T want it to look like a movie set. I feel ya. I’m a fan of subculture-inspired home design. This is why I’ve rounded up my favorite Steampunk-y home goods in what I call Offbeat Home’s “refined Steampunk home decor.” Some of these products are having me re-thinking MY home decor. Especially the sneaky, mad scientist-y objects that transform from one piece of furniture into another.

Industrial Maison coffee table

I love the drawers on the Rockford Modern Industrial Gray Stone Flat Cabinet Coffee Table.

A modern version a classic English Library Chair in an absinth-like green.

Contrast the modern chair with this Victorian-inspired sofa.

This black cast iron table adjusts from a dining table height of 30″ to a gathering table height of 42″ by way of a geared hand crank located under the table.

This is a convertible dining room table and bookshelf. Sneaky and brilliant.

This tall dining or occasional chair comes with the contrasting fabric pillow.

Tufted brocade-style lounge chair.

Nostalgic Edison T14 Tubular, Vintage Spiral Filament light bulbs.

For your bedroom, here’s a dresser that looks like catalog drawers.

Vintage-style porthole mirror.

Here’s a steampunk-style wall clock that also has a porthole theme.

Antique-style iron twin bed frame, with burlap fabric.

Use this decorative storage steamer trunk for your linens.

Steampunk gears wall clock.

“Steampunk Bee” pillow by Brigid Ashwood.

For your kitchen: Gears of the Steampunk Progress shot glass by Alchemy Gothic.

This is the perfect decorative bottle!

In fact, you can’t have enough decorative bottles and leather-bound books.

Here’s even more Steampunk home decor inspiration:

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  1. I love this stuff! That flat file coffee table rocks my world. Also, that cart table with the wooden top and the wheels…you can find those pretty cheap sometimes especially if you live in an area where there are lots of warehouses. They are pretty easy to take apart and rehab if you’re crafty. Some lady tried to GIVE me one at a yard sale, and I had absolutely no way of transporting it because it weighed approximately a million pounds. I’m still kicking myself.

  2. I have a coffee table almost identical to the old cart with the iron wheels you posted. SO glad to see it at such a reasonable price. I paid slightly less for mine but I’ve seen those things posted for $2000 on supposed “big savings” sites and it makes me so mad that they are up-charging that much for a $400 table. Now if only those green library chairs were cheaper… The search continues.

  3. American Science and Surplus is a GREAT website to shop for decorative bottles and science-y equipment. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the Chicago area, you can visit the awesome store!

  4. i am refinishing a burue for my daughter. it will be interpratation of steampunk.i am hoping it will look like an old steam trunk. i purchased an old leather coat and belts from my local thrift store to use on the buruea. any suggestions? i also refinished a lamp and made a bird cage thing into a picture frame. love the finished product. i love your works by the way. the tables are my favorite. i have old iron table legs from a shoe factory, very inspired.

  5. Despite the non-steampunk settings, Martha Stewart Living had a pretty sweet DIY for industrial-style furniture (pipes + wood):

    There’s so much you can play with on all those projects, from choosing the metal of the pipes or spray painting it to opting for different kinds of wood, stain, and/or paint, etc. Also, check out your local architectural salvage stores.

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