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How to furnish an apartment with just four hours at IKEA

My husband has cystic fibrosis. Long story short: they don’t do lung transplants where we live in Albuquerque, and, with one day’s notice, we were flown to Palo Alto, California. Now the fun part. The average wait time for lungs is six months, and you can’t be more than a few hours away. So I needed to find us a place to live and wait, close to the hospital, on the cheap. Did you know you could furnish an apartment at IKEA for way cheaper than renting everything?

Giant-ass “teddy bear bed with a mohawk” is a thing (of your dreams or horrific nightmares)

Faster than you can say “Zoomorphic Home” I have another awesome animal-shaped home decor item. This time, it’s a bed frame that is an actual giant teddy bear… with a pink mohawk!

Harness the magic of the unicorn to… hold your table lamp?

If you’re in need of an accent table look no further than the most amazing accent table that ever existed — or in this case never existed — the unicorn accent table!

“The Leopboard”: A boring cupboard turned leopard-print conversation piece

I got this small cupboard at an antiques and bric-a-brac market. In this case, the cupboard was in good nick, just a little dull. So with the help of leopard print and decoupage, I turned it into The Leopbard!

How to bring an old locker back to life

Inside our garage sat this locker. It was pretty neat by itself, but not quite what someone would want to put in their living room. So here’s what I did…

Fun, swanky beds and furniture from Wedo Beds in the UK

Oh my little UK Homies, I’m jealous of you for so many reasons (sexy accents being the main one) but now I can add our sponsor Wedo Beds to my list. Wedo Beds is a new online bedroom furniture retailer in the UK that offers these amazing choices in beds…

Adventures in couchless living

I was sitting at work today thinking about how I need to get rid of my not-so-old and very busted futon because it’s so damn uncomfortable, but also knowing this wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon because we don’t the have money to buy a replacement sofa. And then a “crazy” idea occurred to me. Why do we need a couch at all?

Why sectionals are great for polyamorous relationships

Nothing reveals the shortcomings of nuclear family home furnishings quite like polyamorous relationships. In order to maintain sustainable relationships, polyamorous or not, partners must feel that they are receiving enough attention. Everyone’s needs are different, but for snuggly folks like my partners, our living room set-up was really holding us back. Until we bought our sectional.