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Add a pixelated fire to your non-working fireplace

Do you have a fireplace that doesn’t work? One of those frustrating sealed up hearths? Etsy seller JamesBit makes pixelated fire canvases made-to-order!

Scandalize your cat by using a fireplace as a headboard

If you have a fireplace you don’t use or happen to salvage a fireplace mantle, you can totally re-purpose it as a headboard! Flickr user Jennifer is utilizing the awesome molding (and perfect width) of her salvaged fireplace as a headboard for her charming-as-hell bed.

I installed a fireplace in my apartment

Want a fireplace to bring the warmth, on a budget, in your apartment? It’s totally possible, I promise! See how I installed a fireplace in my apartment for less than $200.

How to build an easy to clean fire pit — and then make Italian style s’mores on it

This firepit doesn’t involve cement and it’s very easy to build. And it’s neat because you can clean it in a matter of two minutes! Bonus: a new recipe for s’mores.

Interesting ways to display a pencil collection, organize snacks, and show off cowboy boots

Our readers got crafty and came up with intriguing new ways to show off their stuff. Just WAIT until you see what one girl did to make her broke-down dishwasher useful.

A Mega Man bedroom, plus cats and cameras make a C-themed shelf

This week’s Montage has a mean collection of LEGO minifigs, a super-simple kid-made table cloth, and a Mega Man level recreated on walls in excruciating detail.

How can I pimp out my fireplace?

What have you done to make a hearth inviting, impressive or just plain awesome? Corinne is depending on us!